3rd International Conference On Mass Spectrometry

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3rd International Conference On Mass Spectrometry October 2016 Year 2016 Past Listing

EVENT TITLE 3rd International Conference On Mass Spectrometry
ORGANIZER Sara Robinson
DATE 10 - 11 OCTOBER 2016
 8:30 am to 8:00 pm
Ramada Plaza
LOCATION Kuala Lumpur
EMAIL massspectra@conferenceseries.net
Website URL http://www.massspectra.com/asia-pacific/

LCMS-2016 welcomes attendees, presenters, and exhibitors from all over the world to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . We are delighted to invite you all to attend and register for the “3rd international conference on Mass Spectrometry ' during  October 10-11, 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The organizing committee is gearing up for an exciting and informative conference program including plenary lectures, symposia, workshops on a variety of topics, poster presentations and various programs for participants from all over the world. We invite you to join us at the LCMS-2016, where you will be sure to have a meaningful experience with scholars from around the world. All members of the LCMS-2016 organizing committee look forward to meeting you in  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The mass spectrometry community is probably the largest group of scientists working around a single tool.  Mass spectrometry (MS), arguably the most important analytical spectroscopic tool of modern times.  There is no single area of experimental science where mass spectroscopy is not being used. There is no university or research institution in the developed world without a mass spectrometer.
Why Kuala Lumpur?
The presence of universities, hospitals, legal/accounting and other professional services, together with key installations of the U.S. make it favorite destination for scientific meetings 
The Kuala Lumpur economy is dominated by four major sectors: oil/gas and related activities, tourism, the port and ship/boat building, and aerospace manufacturing. Boasting attractions such as its magnetic French Quarter,  Kuala Lumpur has a history of solid tourist trade. In a city with more than 5 million visitors annually, the hospitality business supplies more than 66,000 jobs in the service sector such as accommodations and restaurants. In 2004, tourists spent $4.9 billion in Kuala Lumpur.
Conference Highlights:
·         Fundamentals of Mass Spectrometry
·         Mass Spectrometry Configuration and Technique
·         Ionization Techniques
·         Application of Mass Spectrometry
·         New Approaches in Mass Spectrometry
·         Experimentation and Data Analysis
·         Maintenance and troubleshooting
·         Mass Spectrometry Imaging
·         Recent Advances in Mass Spectrometry Techniques
·          Liquid chromatography in Mass Spectrometry
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