Robotex 2018

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Robotex 2018 September 2018

EVENT TITLE Robotex 2018
One International Exhibition Sdn Bhd
5 September 2018 - 7 September 2018
TIME 10am - 6pm
VENUE Setia city convention centre
ADDRESS 1, Jln Setia Dagang AG U13/AG, Setia Alam Seksyen, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor
CONTACT NO +603 79871668


Robotex 2018 is a professional robotics platform designed for the market players and industry stakeholders to explore the emerging robotics technology that is setting foot in various industries.


The Most Comprehensive Trade Event for Robotic & Automation in Malaysia
The inaugural edition of the Malaysia International Robotic & Automation Exhibition (Robotex) is a professional robotic platform designed for the market players and industry stakeholders to explore the emerging robotic technology that is setting foot in various industries.
Robotex aims to gather market players and nationwide visitors all under one roof to share and exchange ideas about the fast-growing technology trends that can make business thrive by delivering remarkable insights, understanding and creating salience of the exceptional business opportunities that lie ahead.


The best form of marketing, presenting the chance to meet face-toface with thousands of potential clients wihilst providing brand exposure.
Market Demand
With the launch of Digital Free Trade Zone  (DFTZ)  and  Industry 4.0, Malaysia is ramping up its efforts to reform its digiral infastructure and automation technology. The introduction of various technology, equipment and solutions are highly demanded in the market now.

Opportunity to Impress Target Audience
Limited resources are available for Malaysian industry stakeholders who are seeking technology-oriented transformation. Hence, Robotex is aimed to  be the premier platform for industy players to effectively impress thousands of the said industry stakeholders at one place.


Robotex is a profesional marketplace to showcase products and technology related to robotics and automation across a broad spectrum of industry as well as to increase the awareness in Malaysia.

3D Printing
3D  Printing is  also  called   as   additive  manufacturing. It  is  a  process  of  making  three dimensional solids objects from a digital  file. 3D Printing enables you  to produce  complex complex shapes using less material than traditional manufacturng methods.
Drive Technology
Driverless Cars  are now   the  talk  of  the  town!  More  and  more  researches  have  been conducted  to  develop  autonomous   vehicles    that   can   assist  human's  daily  task  in delivering goods or passengers to their destination.
Drones & Aerospace
Drone, also  known  as  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV),  can  have  a multitude of positive uses  such  as   security  &  surveillance,  inspection  & monitoring,  geomatics  and  many more as they can reach high-up areas that operators cannot easily access from the ground.
Educational Technology
Discover  how  robotics  can  benefit  students  from  elementary  school  all  the way up to graduate courses by deliviering  lessons,  as  proxies for teacher,  assisting  students with learning disability and many more.
Electronic Components & Equipment
Robot manufacturers and peripheral equipment providers developed tools such as vision to support the accuracy requirements in the electronics industry.
Healthcare Technology
From surfical precision to taking  blood samples, robotics in healthcare is coming. Let's see what medical robots can do for us in future!
Industrial 4.0 Automation
Smart factories are  changing   in   the  industrial  mass  production  model  through  digital technologies. Tasks can  be  completed  effectively  and  efficiently  through  a  better  cost saving way. Check out the latest developments at Robotex!
Integrated Assembly Solution & Automation Handling Systems
With the use of robotics in  material handling process, productivity and quality of  goods can be  improved.  It  can  also  reduce  labor  issues  such  as operator injuries when operating dangerous heavy machinery. Warehouse or production associates can now focus on higher various tasks.
Safety & Security Technology
Quick and automated   robotic  response  makes  the  safety  &  security  system  extremely effective. The unique technology ensures both time and money savings as well as providing safety & security solutions.
Sensor Technology
Sensor Technology enables robotic make  decisions  based  on  sensory  feedback and are expected to manipulate task precisely.
Service Robotics
With the  growing pace of technology, Service Robots  has  made the best effort to improve the  service  quality  in  term  of speed, power and precision. It is more capable and can be used in a  variety of  applications at work, in public or hazardous environments. Some  may even be able to communicate the way normal human does.
Positioning Systems
Robot  Positioning  System  is  a  groundbreaking  technology  that  will  allow  the  robot to manage  and adapt to  ever-changing,  real  world  environments. Discover  how  they  can work with human in real-world conditions at Robotex 2018!
Process Automation & Control System Technology
Dedicated to the process automation market, this profile shall present the latest information information on  developing trends,  illustrate  successful applications  and  update the skills and knowledge including engineering, operations and management.
R&D and Related Services
A dedicated platform where service providers can introduce their core  competencies  while industry stakeholders can source for the required solutions and services.
Software & Prototyping Systems
Introducing the world of software prototyping including its advantages & disadvantages.
Increase Market Awareness
There is still room for improvement on Malaysian market towards the understanding and adoption of robotics and automation. Robotex is an ideal platform to educate the industry stakeholders on the particular knowledge.

Gauge Market Reaction
Robotex is the ideal place to generate real-time feedback from market players and industry stakeholders which shall be valuable information for the reseatch and development of future technology development.


“Explore the showcase of innovative and inspiring products and technology as well as informative and thought-provoking industry relatd seminars”

Robotex has been established as the most exclusive and industry-specific trade exhibition, gathering the advances and innovations in robotics and automation sectors under one roof. It is an ideal sourcing and trading platform for local and international companies and industrial professionals to learn about new products, innovations and happenings in the said market.

Malaysia's brand new event dedicated to Robotics & Automation Technology
Robotex is a brand new yet professional platform designed for the market players and industry stakeholders to explore the emerging robotics technology that is setting foot in various industries.

Comprehensive sourcing across key sectors
Opportunity to source for appropriate products or service providers across related exhibitors covering various products, services, solutions and technology in the said sector

Keep abreast of the latest industry developments
Learn about market news and trends through interation with exhibitors; obtain and upgrade knowledge and skills, as well as opportunity to be refreshed and reviewed about industry's challanges or issues through workshop and seminars.

Networking with market players in one location
Interact with market players from various fields in the industry in one place;save travel costs and benchmark existing and new suppliers under one roof.

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