Diving & Resort Travel Expo Malaysia 2020 (DRT SHOW Malaysia 2020)

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Diving & Resort Travel Expo Malaysia 2020 (DRT SHOW Malaysia 2020) February 2020

EVENT TITLE Diving & Resort Travel Expo Malaysia 2020 (DRT SHOW Malaysia 2020)
ORGANIZER LX Development Group Limited
DATE 14-16 February 2020
TIME Opening Hours for Exhibitors: 10:00am
Opening Hours for Visitors: 11:00am – 19:00pm (Friday) 11:00am – 19:00pm (Saturday) 11:00am – 18:00pm (Sunday)
VENUE Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)
LOCATION  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
CONTACT NO +852-2961-4565
FAX +852-3007-4645
sales@drtexpo.com / coco@drtexpo.com

The DRT SHOW is considered to be the largest gathering of diving enthusiasts, marine conservationists and anyone with a passion for the underwater world. The DRT SHOW has met an overwhelming response as an important regional event. We are supported by top-level exhibitors, tourism boards, training systems, leading dive equipment manufacturers, water sport equipment manufacturers, dive resorts, marine conservation associations, and diving organizations. DRT SHOW greatly promotes trading and export business and has become the most important and 'MUST VISIT' diving event in Asia Pacific.
DRT SHOW Malaysia is considered the best platform to serve exhibitors to Malaysia market. Malaysia market has long being developed for diving business, with friendly and high-educated residents, large population of water sport lovers, high-quality financial services and distributors.
In year 2019, 8 DRT SHOWs will take place in 8 cities in Asia including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Taipei, Philippines, Malaysia, and India.

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