Perfect Livin 15 Home & Lifestyle Exhibition

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Perfect Livin 15 Home & Lifestyle Exhibition October 2015 Year 2015 Past Listing

EVENT NAME Perfect Livin 15 Home & Lifestyle Exhibition
ORGANIZER i.Star Ideas Factory Sdn Bhd
DATE 2 – 4 October 2015
TIME 11AM - 10PM
Stadium Indera Mulia
LOCATION Ipoh, Perak
CONTACT +603-8075 7375

PERFECT LIVIN Home & Lifestyle Exhibition burst into the scene in 2008 and immediately captured the hearts of Malaysians. In an extraordinarily short period of time, The Perfect Livin and Perfect Lifestyle lifestyle quickly grew into the nation’s most successful home & lifestyle exhibitions.
By 2011, Perfect Livin’s PWTC editions in PWTC already breached the 1,000 booths mark, making it the largest exhibition of its kind. To date, the same PWTC edition of the popular exhibition has already reached over 1,300 booths due to popular demand from visitors. This creates an even more exciting shopping experience with a whole lot more choices! Since 2014, the exhibition has satisfied customers from almost every corner of Malaysia with 15 shows in most major cities nationwide.

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