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EVENT NAME MIA Conference 2015
ORGANIZER Malaysian Institute of Accountants Dewan Akauntan
26 October 2015 - 27 October 2015
VENUE Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre ( KLCC )
Kuala Lumpur City Centre 50450 Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
EMAIL miaconference@mia.org.my


The MIA International Accountants Conference 2015 is a flagship event designed and dedicated to accountants and corporate leaders from around the world. Known as MIA Conference 2015, the Conference will be showcasing close to 60 top notch local and international speakers and industry captains who will be discussing and sharing insights on today’s most pressing issues, challenges and opportunities of the accounting and business world. MIA Conference 2015 is expected to draw more than 2,700 delegates from commerce and industry, public sectors, public practice and academia. It is one of the largest gathering of accountants in the world!

"Today's Synergy, Tomorrow's Reality"

The remarkable blueprint of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) aims to position the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as a powerful influential economic bloc in the 21st century, one equivalent to the world’s seventh largest economy with a combined market of 625 million citizens generating an annual GDP of US$2.5 trillion.

However, this grand vision must be anchored in synergy today, before the AEC can truly crystallise and become tomorrow’s reality. At sovereign level, collaborations must escalate to bridge disparities and encourage seamless intra-ASEAN relations and integration. Malaysia in its role as ASEAN chair is keen to enhance its domestic strengths and build synergies by celebrating diversity and promoting inclusivity, to fuel economic growth and raise living standards across the region. Meanwhile, business as a key player in AEC transformation is encouraged to embrace borderless markets, by championing innovation and continuous improvement to emerge as world-class competitors.

As a partner and provider of core financial and strategic management expertise, accountants are pivotal in facilitating the region’s transformation. The AEC will accelerate demand for professional accountants and their expertise; the MIA International Accountants Conference 2015 aims to equip accountants with the relevant competencies and cross-cultural sensitivities to collaborate and prosper in an integrated market where financial talent will be increasingly mobile. By synergising our strengths today, we can help realise ASEAN’s collective vision of tomorrow.

The image concept - the coming together of arrows, forming a steadfast force vertically up - revolves around the convergence of professional dynamism from a wide sphere of influence and financial expertise to form a synergistic vortex that will propel the accounting profession and its members higher to greater limits in this ever changing global landscape.

Our Audience

• Accountants in Business
• Accountants in Public Sector
• Accountants in Public Practice
• Accounting Educators
• Management and Finance Professionals
• Business Leaders
• Government and Regulatory Officers

8 Key Takeaways Why Accountants and Finance Professionals MUST attend this Conference

• Address the latest and most pressing issues on business, accounting and finance
• Meet the most influential minds in business, accounting, finance, legal and regulatory
• Gain insights on cutting-edge management tools and best practices
• Learn the latest economic trends and challenges in the region
• Explore how accountants can contribute towards business success
• Evaluate value creation strategies
• Review the importance of good governance and how it can contribute to sustainable growth
• Network with finance leaders, corporate captains, senior government officials and thought leaders

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