Persada Johor International Convention Centre


Persada Johor International Convention Centre
Jalan Abdullah Ibrahim, P.O. Box 293,80730 Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia.
CONTACT +607 219 8888

The History of Persada

The Persada Johor International Convention Centre’s design concepts was adopted to reflect historical elements of Johor as well as modern features with dominant qualities such as strength, integrity and functionality.
Developed and owned by Johor Corporation, The Persada Johor International Convention Centre is situated in the very heart of Johor Bahru, the capital of Johor.
The site on which it stands was the former Johor Military force camp, and it was also the site of early remnants of Johor Bahru city.

The Meaning of Persada

“Persada” is a word derived from the Malay language which means a place that has layers or steps for a member of the royalty to sit and conduct official matters; a stage where a contest is conducted; a garden for pleasure or to rest.
The centre will be hosting various trade and consumer shows, meeting, banquets, weddings and other special events.

Progressive Architecture

The architecture of the Persada Johor International Convention Centre is a clear acknowledgement of Johor’s rich cultural heritage. The exterior is embellished with “Khat” Islamic writings, while its unique roof is shaped after the state ruler’s official hat, a symbol of creativity, practicality and nobility.
The Convention Centre complex sits on a 2.43 ha (6 acres) site with a built-up area of 1.69 ha (4.2 acres) and 29 function rooms totalling 8,296 sq. metres (89,292 sq.ft.) for both Persada Johor International Convention Centre and The Puteri Pacific Johor Bahru. There is also provision for a total of 9 retail shops and food & beverage outlets. The remaining land area features a multi-level parking complex accommodating 1,600 car-park spaces and 80 bus bays.
The complex comprises two main levels and two intermediate floors. The upper level houses the Convention Hall while the lower level is designated for the Exhibition Centre.

Design And Concept

The New Jewel at the Southern Gateway to Malaysia
The architectural concept for the Persada Johor International Convention Centre draws its inspiration from historical elements of Johor and incorporates modern features so as to exude a sense of strength and integrity without compromising on functionality. It is designed to fill the critical need for an international standard Exhibition and Convention Centre in Johor and to advance Johor’s progress into the 21st century.
Appropriately, the word “Persada” is a Malay word denoting a place that has layers or steps for a member of the royalty to sit on to conduct official matters; or a stage where a contest is conducted; or a garden for pleasure or for rest.
Persada Johor takes this concept to the next level by providing today’s discerning event organisers and international clientele with a modern day venue packed with the latest technological advancements and a contemporary sophistication.

Convention Coordinators

A team of professional Convention Coordinators to ensure trouble-free coordination of your event throughout its duration, all our coordinators are equipped with instant wireless connectivity devices.

Support Services

The latest in Audio & Visual equipment
A combined offering (with The Puteri Pacific Johor Bahru) of 28 individual meeting rooms and 1 auditorium which are fully equipped with the latest in conference technology
– Dignitary Suites for members of the Royal Palace, Government Officials and State Dignitaries
– Fully wired Floor Hosts and Hostesses who act as guides for any visitor to the complex seeking information or assistance

Banquet Service

A Banquet For Every Occasion
Persada Johor will also be able to provide banquet catering for a wide range of budgetary requirements, be it for:
– Intimate social groups that seek the best food and wine experience in Johor
– Corporate groups looking for a grand venue for business and corporate get-togethers
– Meeting organizers in search of creatively themed tea-breaks to add excitement and difference to otherwise conventional meeting breaks
– Industry groups seeking a budget-sensitive venue for large dinners such as those catering to staff of manufacturing, agricultural and other concerns
– Exhibition organizers that wish to provide external catering to the exhibition areas
Our banqueting facilities are able to provide a wide variety of menu options across Malay, Chinese, Indian and International cuisines, all prepared to halal standards and carefully planned within any given budget.


Convention Halls 301, 302, 303 & Meeting Rooms 304, 305 & 306
Persada Johor’s main Convention Hall (3,078 sq.m.) has a highly modular floor layout that can be easily converted into three smaller fully soundproofed Convention Halls: Hall 301 (1,058 sq.m.) with a maximum capacity of 1,000 persons; Hall 302 (902 sq.m.) with a maximum capacity of 900 persons; and Hall 303 (903 sq.m.) with a maximum capacity of 900 persons. All Convention Hall capacities stated are in theatre-style but fully convertible to reception, classroom and banquet arrangements.

Exhibition Halls 101 and 102
Exhibition Hall comprises two separate halls that can be combined to offer a total floor space of 3,070 sq m (33,051 sq ft), which can be used for exhibitions, conventions, banquets, concerts, trade shows and sporting events. Exhibition Hall 101 (1,931 sq m) is able to accommodate 100 booths of 3m x 3m stands with a ceiling height of 9 metres, while Exhibition Hall 102 (1,140 sq m) can accommodate 50 booths with a limited ceiling height of 4.5 metres.
Gallery Level, Auditorium & Meeting Rooms
At the Gallery Level (Level 4), there are one meeting rooms, an auditorium (401) with a nonflexible seating capacity of 84 persons. At the Convention Hall Level (Level 3), there are four meeting rooms: Room 304 (60 persons), Room 305 (60 persons), Room 306 (120 persons). All Meeting Room capacities stated are in theatrestyle arrangement but fully convertible to reception, classroom and banquet arrangements.

Restoran Selasih @ Persada Johor
Culinary Excellence All Around You
The Selasih Malay Restaurant is just about the only place in Johor Bahru offering up market Malay-style dining.  There’s deliciously authentic Johorean cuisine and all day dining, either from the a la carte menu or its tantalizing buffets.  Open daily from 7.00am to 10.30pm.
A fast-food restaurant to cater to family dining and the specific needs of children.
A selection of mobile restaurants that come looking for you.  The mobile restaurants are unique features at Persada Johor, serving fresh, hot and chilled food, as well as snack items in mobile units.  Hot drinks are also ready to be served.

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