DATE 06 May 2023
University Malaya. Dewan, tunku, canselor, 825, Lingkungan Budi
50603 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
CONTACT NO 010-463 5151
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ASHRAE Run is an annual event organized by ASHRAE UM Chapter. However, due to the break out of the COVID-19 pandemic, this event cannot be held as usual in the past two years and this year we are coming back with more interesting activities including a lucky draw with great prizes. Also, we have invited several mystery guests as our ambassadors!! You might not miss out on this opportunity to join our event!!          The main objective of this event is to raise funds for UM Student chapter. The funds raised will mainly be used to organize
conferences, industrial visits, workshops, and others for the benefit of the members. In addition, our event also creates a networking opportunity to provide a platform for sponsors to network with professionals and undergraduates (at company booths of the carnival). Besides, this event also plays an important role to raise awareness among society about the significance of staying healthy and stay fit in our daily life by exercising. This indirectly encourages a healthy lifestyle among students and the public. Therefore, society can lend this precious chance to escape temporarily from their strenuous jobs or assignments. Moreover, society also can have a good bonding and know each other better during this event.
          For your information, the theme for ASHRAE Run 2023 is Once Upon A Fantasy with our slogan: Run Beyond Boundaries. We will be having superb decorations which align with our theme on our main stage. By having this fantasy theme, we hope that participants get to escape from reality, and bring them back to the fantasy once they belong, just like every child has their own fantasy. We hope to provide a remarkable and memorable event for all the participants. Let's start our fantasy journey now~~
          This year, we have two categories for students and also the public, which are the 5km category and the 10km category. For the 5km category, it is just a fun run. This means that there are no prizes under this category. However, if you want to compete in our event, you may join our 10km category. Under this category, we have prepared rich prizes for the winners. So, don't miss out on the opportunity to join our event. Grab your ticket now!!